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Mamma's commitment to purity runs deep. We do not use any chemicals, glycerins, or sulfates... Just pure, clean, organic plants and oils beautifully combined with love and intention.  You should be able to eat anything you put on your skin!  Your skin is an organ and anything you put on your skin is absorbed into your bloodstream... basically if you can't eat it, it wont be in Mamma's products!

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After the birth of my second child a creative outlet became necessary for sanity.  Friends and family would come to help me out and I always wanted to have a little something to give them to show my appreciation for their support so I would make body salves, lip salves and body mists to share.  I would take a little bag of these around with me everywhere I went with the intention of having something to give whenever I connected with someone.  Then one day I decided to start designing a label for them so people knew what was in it and Mamma's Botanicals was born!

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